David and Goliath Home Recording Studio!

Before we even start talking about home recording studios I want to dedicate this very first post to David from the David vs Goliath fame. Why? What has he got to do with a home recording studio? It is because his bravery serves to inspire us to fight the GIANTS in our lives!

And one of these GIANTS could be the obstacles in our dream towards creating our very own home recording studio!

Let’s do a quick breakdown on why David and Goliath in the Bible is so relevant to our Recording Studio Dream.

Apart from being the giant-slayer that he was, do you know that David was also a singer and songwriter?!? Yes he was! Just check out the songs he sang to GOD in Psalms.

How apt it is then that we look towards him as a shining example to build our home recording studio!

The whole point of me bringing David and Goliath up is to encourage us to be like David facing Goliath. While it may seem like a lost battle from the start, we do not know who holds the hand of victory until we keep ploughing and working it, never giving up.


The above book by Malcolm Gladwell contains real-life accounts on how people turned disadvantages into advantages in their lives, epitomising the David spirit within us! 

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