As usual, we will start with getting to know the company a little more.

AKG Acoustics is an Austrian company founded in 1947. It manufactures microphones, headphones, wireless audio systems and the likes for the professional and consumer industry. It became part of the Harman International Industries in 1994. It was also the company that produced the world’s first dynamic cardioid microphone back in 1953.

AKG P420

AKG P420The AKG P420 is a large diaphragm, multi-pattern FET (field effect transistor) condenser microphone capable of picking omnidirectional, cardioid or figure-8 patterns via a switch below the head basket. This isa microphone ideal for studio milking techniques and ambient recording.

Good Sensitivity

The AKG P420 has a robust SPL (Sound Pressure Level). Its maximum SPL is 155dB with Pad, and that is almost like absorbing the sound of an airplane taking off! Together with its low cut filter, it means that it can produce high gain without feedback.

AKG P420The AKG P420‘s metal body also means you have a quality feel in your hands. Not one to disappoint.

Oh by the way, it comes with a nice metal carry case with shock spider mount included. Do note also that this microphone replaces the now discontinued AKG Perception 420.

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