Shure SM57 Review

As usual, before we dive into reviewing the microphone, let’s get to know the company that manufactures the dynamic microphone a little more.

Shure Incorporated is an American company that was founded in 1925 as a supplier of radio parts. It first began manufacturing their own product in 1932, and its first condenser microphone was introduced in 1933.

“Jack of All, Master of None”

Shure SM57Fast forward to today, the Shure microphones are one of the industry standards for recording studios. The Shure SM57 itself is known to be one of the most versatile microphones in the globe because it can be used for recording most vocals, instruments and loud sounds. Some calls it the “Jack of all, Master of none” though since it is not particularly famed for doing anything best. But it does mean beginners with a tight wallet can get a very good start with this.

The SM57 firstly is a dynamic, cardioid and directional microphone. Given it is a dynamic mic, it doesn’t need phantom power. And as one users put it, it records where it is pointed to, nowhere else.

Sound quality wise, it has to be noted that that the Shure SM57 does not capture the extreme frequencies as well as the condenser microphones. But that is as bad as it gets. Guitarists, drummers and vocalists swore by the clean sound that it records.


And it is very affordable too at the $100 range. It is an industry classic for beginners to professionals. Those who have upgraded to other microphones always found use for it. Everyone says it is found in every studio locker. You can’t get wrong with the Shure SM57. It hasn’t been around since 1965 for nothing.

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