Youngest EDM Producer from Australia?

Possibly Australia’s Youngest EDM Producer got the word “Black” from a photo of his dad’s black car hung in the bedroom. And “Summer” came from “Summernats”- where the annual Street Machine Summernats Car Festival is Australia’s biggest horse power party. And that was how the name  “Black Summer” was conceived.

Australia's youngest EDM producer Black Summer

Australia’s youngest EDM producer Black Summer in his home recording studio

Australia’s youngest EDM producer?

And the one who conceived it is a certain 11 years old Rhys Toms from Canberra. He has been the buzz in the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) world the past week because he is possibly one of Australia’s youngest EDM producer, and a very good one at that too.

Australian’s triple j Unearthed featured the kid on its website and played one of his tracks on air, turning his world topsy-turvy in a good way.

Black Summer claimed to have been “interested in his own music production” for 5 years already!

Watch this interview video and see how he creates his music in his own home recording studio. Amazing.

Listen here to his track and judge for yourself  😉

Click here to see Black Summers’ self-written bio.


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